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Durham Micro Weddings | Photography: KP Creativee

A micro wedding is a small-scale wedding ceremony and reception that includes only close family members and friends. This small and intimate event is an affordable way to make your special day extra meaningful. To create a personalized all-inclusive micro wedding experience, you should follow several tips which will ensure that your big day is unforgettable.

1. Choose a unique location

One of the best ways to personalize your micro wedding experience is to choose a unique location for your ceremony and reception. You could have your ceremony in a beautiful garden, on a beach, or in a historic building. Make sure your chosen ceremony location reflects your personalities and style. A unique location can help your guests feel more connected to your wedding and make the whole day more memorable.

2. Select a few key elements to focus on

When you have a micro wedding, you can focus on a few key elements that matter to you the most. This can include a few things like flowers, music, and food. Pick the elements that represent you and your partner’s personality and will create a lasting memory. Focus on making these few elements extra special for an unforgettable wedding experience.

3. Curate the guest list carefully

With a micro wedding, you have the opportunity to invite only your closest family and friends. This can help to create a more intimate and memorable experience for everyone. Agree as a couple on who you want to invite and make sure to keep it within budget. By keeping the guest list under control, you can make sure everyone feels extra special and included.

4. Create a personalized wedding ceremony

The micro wedding ceremony can be different from the traditional big wedding ceremonies. This can be an excellent opportunity to create a more personal and meaningful ceremony that reflects the both of you. Consider writing your vows together, having family members participate in the ceremony or add any special touches like a unique ceremony reading or a special speech by a loved one.

5. Focus on good food and drinks

One of the most memorable and talked-about aspects of any wedding is the food and drinks. With a small guest list, you can prioritize quality over quantity. Make sure to select food, drinks that reflect you and your partner’s tastes, while keeping the guests in mind. Hire a chef and a bartender who can make delicious and personalized food and drinks within the budget.

6. Personalize the wedding reception

Even in a small wedding, you can personalize every aspect of the reception. Select décor and lighting that matches your personalities & style


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